Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed (Promo 2016)

by Devangelic

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Entering this lecherous Kingdom
Where Minos stands in horrid guise ...

He who warns the damned, snarls, alone in darkness
There will be not atonement for them

Craving for an impious annihilation
Inhuman manipulation of physical forms
Overwhelming torture, quivering flesh
Vortex of imprecations

Tormenting these souls of the ungodly
He's sentenced their fate to decay eternally

... and now the woeful sounds of actual pain ...
They reached a region silent of all light

Where the infernal storm
Carries the spirits onward with its fury
Cursing and blaspheming the Divine

Dismembered bodies bursting
Slowly they'll be melted
Torn between suffering to fulfill a covetous desire
Dependence that consumes the sinners that they've been
Infinite pain and agony through the portals of misery

Rituals of incestuous being
Moral imprisoned into perversity
False glorification of the unseen
No salvation for their unholy ... corpses

Who're dying without morality
Heretic beliefs from the fallen
Walking through ... abominated impurity of the oppressed
Uttering eternal lamentations

Amongst this effigy of atrocious suffering
Catharsis in hate, the damned escapes and now they lay deformed

Mystification until the end of all creeds
Into this chaos erasing every form of redemption

Vile infidels, punished for their treason in life
Violently contorted onto perennial torment
Desecrated servants will not be saved
Until unholy souls descend in here



released October 4, 2016
Recorded between July/August 2016
Mixed and Mastered by Sasha Borovykh at Tsun Tsun Productions
Music and Lyrics by Mario Di Giambattista

Paolo Chiti :: Vocals
Mario Di Giambattista :: Guitars
Damiano Bracci :: Bass
Marco Coghe :: Drums



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